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A New Word On PvP

mobilephone2003 aOwner
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC
posted Wed at 15:40
We had decided previously to have global PvP prior to putting on the extra items. It was put to a vote and people wanted anarchy (Global PvP).

Since then, XP levels are the most valuable thing on the server, and with the imbalance of people with very overpowered gear with people learning the system, this dynamic will be a frustrating experience for many.

As such we need to meet halfway, so we're trialling the very old system of having PvP on in the wild, and toggleable in towns. Towns will have PvP on by default and can choose to disable it if they wish, simply type /t toggle PvP

Doing this can satisfy all parties. I understand some may think of this as a copy of another server, but this is not the case, we need to do this so that all players have a good experience, without the worry of constantly losing their hard work.

We're considering a "Rage Day", where PvP is enabled globally to satisfy those of you who still want anarchy, and we'll have a poll on this soon.

This PvP option is now in effect, so PvP is now on in the wild.

Thanks for your understanding guys.
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mobilephone2003 OwnerOur host had a maintenance issue over the weekend which caused some backend issues for us which you likely won't have noticed as I had backup methods in place. As a result they've given us 2 weeks hosting as compensation, pushing our due date to the 21st Jan rather than the 7th. Sweet!
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