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DuncsMC Changelog 2-9-2014

mobilephone2003 aLvl1 posted 5 hours ago
The following changes have been made on the Minecraft Server (IP: mc.duncsmc.com)

  • Now compatible with 1.8 Clients (but no 1.8 features are on yet)
  • Market Listings now last 48 hours
  • Maximum lottery tickets increased to 10
  • Emeralds now available from a Trader at Spawn

We know the following doesn't work at the moment:

  • Gods
  • Colour changing text at spawn (Shows on 1.7 clients)
  • Some Machines Recipes, Developer has been notified and is aware
Taurenevil LVL4Hah, Enjin. You cray.
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Taurenevil LVL4  But seriously. Only 2 people are on.
This is seriously misleading.
mobilephone2003 Lvl1  published DuncsMC Changelog 2-9-2014 on News
sonark   published Server is now 1.8 compatible! on News
16YELDARB   joined DuncsMC Gaming
16YELDARB   created a new thread Ban Appeal: 16Yeldarb in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
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Professor_Puffin   created a new thread Ban Appeal: Professor_Puffin in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
mobilephone2003 Lvl1I just... fqiojfipoqwjpiofjhzuiphqweyhgdausy
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Ironbull77 LVL4  #BlameChris
NyanBanaan Lvl2  Although I completely agree with you Tyroul, I can understand why some people are very mad/sad about this. If you work really hard to get certain items or to build something amazing to then find out that all progress you made is gone, like you forgot to save, it sucks. Tt was supposed to be disabled to prevent abuse but the people who abused it had no valid excuse to do so.
iTyroul   Still doesn't have the excuse to blame us for things other people did.
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Sgt_MelonHead Lvl2  created a new thread sgt_melonhead ban appeal in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
Sgt_Wrinkles LVL4  created a new thread Sgt_Wrinkle's ban appeal in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
hanmanlol Lvl3Another rollback = a stack of dias and 5+stacks of iron gone. fantastic. thank you.
ronaldo74444 LVL4  @draz Only 1 of my friends did it, which his name was chris2go

@nyan She is giving a sarcastic Thank You to the server and probably Mobile
DoctorJanitor Lvl2  An entire town got griefed due to an exploit. Nobody cares about your diamonds and iron.
Ironbull77 LVL4  The entire town got greifed due to chris's abuse of an exploit*
mobilephone2003 Lvl1  published Server Rollback - Wand Amnesty on News
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