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This thread will be updated as new changes come into effect.

  • Unfortunately a few commands will not be in factions for the time being, the addon we're using doesn't work too well, we'll wait for a fully compatible version. Rules, warps, jails, clearlocks for factions will not work until this is completed
  • Flint and Steel (possibly) fixed. No, it was never intentional to have it off, it's been bugged.
  • Enderpearl price removed, but cooldown still in effect
  • Obsidian is destroyable and TnT works through water to prevent unraidable bases. This has been in effect for some time now in testing, my apologies for not mentioning before.
  • Colored signs working for all players
  • New Website!
  • Vote links and rewards will be back soon, our move has broken the link for rewarding
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We're saying goodbye to enjin to make way for a better discussion experience.

Pardon the mess while everything is configured.

Feel free to sign up and have a browse around the new features!