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Item Routing - Pipes

mobilephone2003 aOwner posted Wed at 13:10
You asked... We Listened.

You can now route your items using pipes.

The way to do this is as follows:

Use the 3rd Line of your PIPE sign to filter down what item's you want to include (whitelist) by Item ID (e,g 2,3:1,53)
Use the 4rd Line of your PIPE sign to filter down what item's you want to exclude (blacklist) by Item ID (e,g 2,3:1,53)

Yes, this does mean you can link up your autonomous machines together.

Good Luck!
RezantWhat is up with the server? Is it all of the TARDIS stuff?
mobilephone2003 OwnerStaff are currently overwhelmed at the moment. Please give us some time.
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mobilephone2003 OwnerDon't be like Mogos, he built a machine to exploit mcMMO levels, dupe blocks and autofarm. He also autoclicked to do this.

As a result he has had his data cleared, and large town now pending deletion. He has also lost access to the server for a "member of family".

Hours upon hours of work wasted for one machine to try and get ahead.
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PJBeech Lvl6  I dont need this to get ahead
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mobilephone2003 OwnerServer is currently having crashing issues. It's under investigation.
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