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Mob Spawner Amnesty

mobilephone2003 aOwner
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC
posted 4 hours ago
Unfortunately, due to glitches and bugs with Minecraft 1.8, we can no longer allow players to use a Pickaxe of Containment, Broken Spawners and Reinforced Spawners. This is due to players illegitimately changing their properties.

Spawners have been blocked from placement. Please modreq any players suspected to have these spawners IMMEDIATELY. Any spawners found will be removed (this includes rooms containing spawners where players have placed them previously).

We have to remove custom spawner rooms due to new players not having access to have their own following this amnesty, which makes gameplay fair for everyone.

If you'd like to spawn mobs, you are welcome to use a "Dark Room", but please remember that mobs should have full access to hit you, and should not be restricted in ANY way.

Thanks guys.
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sonark   hi
mobilephone2003 Owner  hi
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mobilephone2003 OwnerQuick Maintenance, be a couple minutes.
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mobilephone2003 Owner  Good to go.
Minininja53 Lvl6  created a new thread L6 Color Change in the Suggestions forum
mobilephone2003 OwnerAuction and Lottery are both back :sick:
mobilephone2003 OwnerWe're tracking PvE and PvP Kills and deaths at Spawn. You can also use /pve top, and /pvp top
mobilephone2003 Owner  We'll reset every Sunday (Remind me if this doesn't happen!)
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mobilephone2003 Owner  Whoa, thankyou man!
toxiic_skelton Lvl4  A late Christmas present.
hanmanlol Lvl4(Sorry it's dark) After complaining for 2 days about the lack of mobs in my dark room - I come down to find all these, plus about 15 OP zombies. It's funny how I joke about dying then the second I took this screenshot I was shot by a skeleton (it was lag that killed me)
mobilephone2003 OwnerYou can now buy Powerlevels with In-Game Cash at /spawn
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