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Help us keep the server up and make upgrades. We make no money from this. All funds go straight to our hosting provider, Fragnet.

Warning: No Server "Perks" (Boosts/Items) are given but we give you a nice subtle prefix on the server and website as a thankyou!
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Bills, Bills, Bills

mobilephone2003 aOWNER
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC - Get pe...
posted 17 hours ago
Hello Folks,

Normally I wouldn't do this, but I think it's important that we mention how critical donations are to the community.

Our next server bill is due on 7th October for £19.31

We currently have £9.04 in donations

I am mentioning this 2 weeks early so everyone is aware of how we're doing. We don't offer overpowered perks or have "donation targets" like some communities, and all donations are sent straight to our hosting provider through a service called "Group Pay".

Should you choose to help us, we will give you an award on the website and a highlighted level tag in-game as a thank-you for your contribution. Further subtle rewards will be considered as we progress.

If you'd like to help us stay alive, please CLICK HERE

Thanks for reading and I hope we can continue DuncsMC in the future without worrying about bills!
Parragonwilson Lvl3I can donate £10 on the 7th, Or would that be too late..?
mobilephone2003 OWNERTo help the folks who are starting out with the server, L2+ can now tpa/tpahere and L1's can accept.
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mobilephone2003 OWNER  published Bills, Bills, Bills on News
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EnglishPheonix LVL5  you really on just done this really yosh god slacking xD
iTyroulIts been done, its been confirmed that Microsoft will buy Mojang for $2.5 Billion. Notch along with 2 other staff members from Mojang are leaving permanently. It looks like all of Minecraft's future development is all in the hands of Microsoft now. Who knows what this means for the game itself. Read more about it here --> [link]
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benjgardner21 Lvl3  does everyone think its a good idea that they have brought mojang?
sonark   Yes.
DoctorJanitor Lvl2  Oh boy, I can't wait for the microtransactions and Games for Windows Live support!
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