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Item Routing - Pipes

mobilephone2003 aOwner
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC
posted Wed at 13:10
You asked... We Listened.

You can now route your items using pipes.

The way to do this is as follows:

Use the 3rd Line of your PIPE sign to filter down what item's you want to include (whitelist) by Item ID (e,g 2,3:1,53)
Use the 4rd Line of your PIPE sign to filter down what item's you want to exclude (blacklist) by Item ID (e,g 2,3:1,53)

Yes, this does mean you can link up your autonomous machines together.

Good Luck!
mobilephone2003 OwnerAs a preventative measure...towns will no longer revert to wilderness when they fall. #HelpAdamLive
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sra27 and coolaw Lvl3 joined DuncsMC
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coolaw Lvl3for skull
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Rezant   My new favorite picture.
AnnaLouisa14 LVL5Umm a little help? O.o Im still banned :sick:
Xspike1515Xdoes this mean the end of duncs???
Xspike1515Xhai skull

Xspike1515Xim scared :(
coolaw Lvl3
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coolaw Lvl3[link]
AnnaLouisa14 LVL5  Pahahahahahah xD
RezantHey mobile.....? iTyroul banned everyone.
mobilephone2003 OwnerWhoa what's going on?
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hanmanlol LVL5  We miss you. come back oh mighty one.
AnnaLouisa14 LVL5  Pretending lik he doesn't know whats going on XD Good Job mobile xD
coolaw Lvl3hi boss give me password to ur teamspeak ples
coolaw Lvl3Hide yo kids. hide yo wife, and hide ityroul cus hes banning errybody in here
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RezantThis is why we don't have nice things.
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