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Double XP Missed

mobilephone2003 aOwner posted 3 hours ago

Oops! It seems as if the Double XP script didn't fire this week.

To make up for it, we're going to give...



... on Sunday 8th February. See countdown for how long left.

Good Luck!

mobilephone2003 Owner  published Double XP Missed on News
hanmanlol LVL5  created a new thread I'm stranded.... again. in the Bug Reports forum
mobilephone2003 OwnerTonight, Slimefun will be temporarily completely off while we see the impact it is causing on the server. It will be re-enabled tomorrow.
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hanmanlol LVL5  created a new thread Tardis Holiday Snaps! in the Server Talk forum
sonark I feel like this is relevant somehow.
Moses Brown - School Is Closed
Just in time for Blizzard 2015, Head of School Matt Glendinn...
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coolaw Lvl4  10/10 would watch again
mobilephone2003 OwnerWe're continuing to investigate server problems. Some things may be removed/changed while the game is in progress.
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Rezant Lvl3  created a new thread Ban Appeal in the Ban Appeal Submissions forum
hanmanlol LVL5"Where can the Tardis take me?" .... Ladies and Gentlemen, we have your answer. Today Battle_Heart and I were honoured to be taken under the wings of the Timelords Mr. Mobile and Mr. iTyroul. Not only can the Tardis take you to random locations in the Overworld... It can take you places you thought you'd never set foot. Tonight we visited a ghost town, an alien habitat and The End. There are many more places to visit with your Tardis when used correctly.. Join us on our journey,Timelords of the Future.
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Battle_Heart LVL5  https://.[link]
Xspike1515Xok thank you mobile
coolaw Lvl4and so began 10000 years of darkness
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Xspike1515Xik but i think it has been like that for a while
Xspike1515Xdid the server get a new ip?
Ironbull77 LVL5  Says its updating or something
mobilephone2003 Owner  When we're done transferring and everyone's computer updates, you'll be able to connect through the standard [link]

Give us some time and it'll be ready
cjshra01 Lvl3  joined DuncsMC
coolaw Lvl41728 coal ore
1078 redstone ore
192 lapis ore
128 diamond ore
24 emerald ore

Courtesy of mogos
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coolaw Lvl41728 coal blocks courtesy of mogos
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