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Server Rollback - Wand Amnesty

mobilephone2003 aOWNER
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC - Get pe...
posted Sun at 9:57
Yesterday, a new plugin was introduced to allow us to give some powerful things to players. These would be purchasable using Dark Diamonds.

Unfortunately, an unknown bug in the plugin meant that players could craft items called "wands" (this was disabled in our configuration), allowing them access to everything. It's disappointing to see that some trusted players took advantage of this and bypassed protection to grief towns. 

These players will not be punished as it appeared from a user perspective to be intended, but it is very disappointing to see that this was the result. The developer has apologised for the mess that has been caused.

At the same time, our backend backup system failed in creating our backups from Friday, so the map has been rolled back to our latest backup, Thursday 28th August. This has been reported to our host and will be looked into as soon as possible.

All wands MUST be destroyed or reported to an Administrator.

Very sorry for this, it was unexpected and every effort will be made to make sure this doesn't happen again.

Professor_Puffin   created a new thread Ban Appeal: Professor_Puffin in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
mobilephone2003 OWNERI just... fqiojfipoqwjpiofjhzuiphqweyhgdausy
iTyroul   Why do some people not understand, not trying to be funny or anything but we don't really control the rollbacks. We cannot control if one person decides to abuse something and destroy everything. Or are you saying that you'd rather have a server with no rules, no nothing, and people can do as they please destroying anything and everything? and maybe allow xray is well! No, this is not the kind of chaotic server you want. We try to mantain balance on the server for everyone to get the most enjoyment out of it, and i'm pretty sure you wouldn 't like it if your town had all holes in it everywhere.
Ironbull77 LVL4  #BlameChris
nmanbeeboo Lvl1  joined DuncsMC Gaming
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Sgt_MelonHead Lvl2  created a new thread sgt_melonhead ban appeal in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
Sgt_Wrinkles LVL4  created a new thread Sgt_Wrinkle's ban appeal in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
hanmanlol Lvl3Another rollback = a stack of dias and 5+stacks of iron gone. fantastic. thank you.
drazan3 LVL4  you mean blame your friends ronaldo. and the so called best troll that did it
NyanBanaan Lvl2  She isn't really blaming anyone, is she?
ronaldo74444 LVL4  @draz Only 1 of my friends did it, which his name was chris2go

@nyan She is giving a sarcastic Thank You to the server and probably Mobile
mobilephone2003 OWNER  published Server Rollback - Wand Amnesty on News
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