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Working On The Wiki

mobilephone2003 aOwner
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC
posted Thu at 17:30
It's excellent to see how people are progressing with our new system, but it's understandable that some are finding it hard to adapt. There are a LOT of new items and things that need to be learned, so I'm working on a Wiki so that we have a central guide to everything you can do on DuncsMC.

The wiki is in it's early stages but there is plenty to write about! We're over 30 pages already!

A wiki is all about user contributers too, so if you know a little about something on the Server, you are more than welcome to help make this into an awesome guide for everyone.

You can access the wiki by clicking the wiki button in the links above, or by typing /wiki in-game

Thanks guys!
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mobilephone2003 OwnerOur host had a maintenance issue over the weekend which caused some backend issues for us which you likely won't have noticed as I had backup methods in place. As a result they've given us 2 weeks hosting as compensation, pushing our due date to the 21st Jan rather than the 7th. Sweet!
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