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Group Pay for this Minecraft Server!

Help us keep the server up and make upgrades. We make no money from this. All funds go straight to our hosting provider, Fragnet.

Warning: No Server "Perks" (Boosts/Items) are given but we give you a nice subtle prefix on the server and website as a thankyou!
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
The following changes have been made on the Minecraft Server (IP: mc.duncsmc.com)

  • Now compatible with 1.8 Clients (but no 1.8 features are on yet)
  • Market Listings now last 48 hours
  • Maximum lottery tickets increased to 10
  • Emeralds now available from a Trader at Spawn
  • Public Town Teleporting is now free
  • Slot Machines added - /warp casino
  • Power Level added in chat
  • Teleport time reduced to 3 Seconds
  • Server hardware upgraded thanks to our wonderful donators!

We know the following doesn't work at the moment:

  • Gods
  • Colour changing text at spawn (Shows on 1.7 clients) Text replaced with signs
  • Some Machines Recipes Developer has pushed an update to fix
  • Some power levels show as 0, bugging the mcstats command, level up to fix this Fixed
  • Website and in-game head statistics

"When will you update properly to 1.8?"

There is currently a DCMA takedown request over at Bukkit, part of the code that powers the server, which means the code is no longer accessible. We have been using Spigot, a fork of bukkit, over the course of servers for a few years now and unfortunately they've been DMCA'd too but are going to fight the case.

I can imagine this has significantly slowed progress, so there's not much we can do but wait. Our alternative is to have a completely blank temporary 1.8 world without any of our features (using the official mojang server, so no plugins), including the link to the website. This opens a whole host of problems and is not recommended, but if you'd like to have this happen feel free to make a poll on the Forum.
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benjgardner21   created a new thread please unban me! in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
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Trippy_Fredd   created a new thread Been banned :P in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
Trippy_Fredd   joined DuncsMC Gaming
Trippy_FreddHey, I just tried getting on for the second time and it said I was banned by console for alt of banned players, just wondering why? :p
sonark   Make a ban appeal, it won't be discussed here.
Trippy_Fredd   I did now, sorry about that. @sonark
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1DopeGamerHey guys check out my twitch: [link]
Stickman278 LVL4  very nice introduction
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KILRx_Fredisone   created a new thread Wish to be unban in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
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Stickman278 LVL4this needs to happen again but with like, sonark or mobile.
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_J0rd4n_ ADMIN  Oh I see how it is....

My singing voice is so beautiful that it wont be entertaining like sonark or mobile's terrible voices.
Stickman278 LVL4  PROVE IT
sonark   When Jordan sings, it sounds like a hundred kittens being kicked.
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