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DuncsMC Changelog 21-7-2014

mobilephone2003 aOWNER
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC - Get pe...
posted Mon at 14:46
Thanks for your continued support!

  • New Spawn, much more open with a creeper obelisk
  • Capture Points! Dotted around the world, these little beauties once captured will give all online faction members 1g per 30 mins each! They look like this:

  • Bounty system isn't getting the love it deserves, so is removed.
  • Vote Links added, still in testing
  • Bloodmoons were fun, but they aren't working well enough to keep
  • Enderpearls are back, but they have a cooldown and cost 3g to throw #BRINGBACKTHEENDERPERALS
  • Thanks to people using automatic methods to grind mcMMO levels while AFK, fishing and herbalism are now capped at 400.
  • Scrapping the points system as we're restricted by our website plan on giving them out. We'll have a new system in place shortly, but you won't be able to keep your previous points, sorry. The new system will be much better!
  • Emergency food at /warp food
  • PvP rewards now in effect! Steal money from other players, gain karma, become an outlaw and top the KDR leaderboards!
  • Damage now shows when you hit mobs and players
  • The End is now unclaimable
  • Lockpicking now enabled! Small chance of picking a lock with a Gold Hoe. Fail to pick it and you'll get damaged (you can die) and lose your hoe. Owner is warned on pick, LWC lock stays in place for the owner.
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