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Merry Christmas + Happy New Year From DuncsMC (Claim your gift here)!

mobilephone2003 aOwner
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC
posted Mon at 12:37
Hello DuncsMC Players!

As 2014 is drawing to a close, I'd like to thank everyone that's continued to play with DuncsMC. It's been an interesting 7 months with ups and downs, but we've continued to keep the server running and have participation from the community.

As a little thankyou, I'd like to offer all players a 50g christmas gift. Simply reply to THIS FORUM THREAD with your username (and maybe a christmas joke?) and your account will be credited 50g once a member of staff is available.

Lots more improvements to come, so stay tuned!

Oh, and you know what they say...

Keep Calm and Carry on Minecrafting with DuncsMC!
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GavinBeat Lvl4  created a new thread 1 Gift for the first one to get there. in the General Discussion forum
hanmanlol Lvl4216 Dias from this. 259 from before (see my album for more pics)... Total 475 Dias. What a rich christmas we've had !
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hanmanlol Lvl4  and no we dont hack. we just use the silk and fort 3 method.
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mobilephone2003 OwnerWow! Thankyou kampfgobbo for your donation that has pushed us to reach our Server Fees for January! You rock!
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kampfgobbo   Merry Christmas!
sonarkMerry Christmas everyone!
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Super_Dwarf_good server
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DuncsMC has reached a new record of 40 registered users today!
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PJBeech Lvl4Thou bugs shall bug.
PJBeech Lvl4  created a new thread Put mob spawners in backpack and they lose type (Sli... in the Bug Reports forum
mobilephone2003 OwnerPresents!
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