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DuncsMC Changelog 21-7-2014

mobilephone2003 aOWNER posted Mon at 20:55
  • Unfortunately a few commands will not be in factions for the time being, the addon we're using doesn't work too well, we'll wait for a fully compatible version. Rules, warps, jails, clearlocks for factions will not work until this is completed
  • Flint and Steel (possibly) fixed. No, it was never intentional to have it off, it's been bugged.
  • Enderpearl price removed, but cooldown still in effect
  • Obsidian is destroyable and TnT works through water to prevent unraidable bases. This has been in effect for some time now in testing, my apologies for not mentioning before.
Ironbull77 Lvl3Will the staff post when STB is fully working? I'm tired of crafting things and then they turn out being useless.
mobilephone2003 OWNER  Why are you crafting them then? Nothing has been mentioned anywhere about them being usable.
Ironbull77 Lvl3  Well, I was just asking a question, and I am crafting them out of curiosity.
iTyroul   You obviously knew that it isn't working yet. You have no one but yourself to blame when you keep crafting these things knowingly that its not even active yet.
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