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Group Pay for this Minecraft Server!

Help us keep the server up and make upgrades. We make no money from this. All funds go straight to our hosting provider, Fragnet.

Warning: No "Perks" are given as we believe everyone should be rewarded through how they play on this server.
Add premium days by pre-paying or completing an offer!
  • Unfortunately a few commands will not be in factions for the time being, the addon we're using doesn't work too well, we'll wait for a fully compatible version. Rules, warps, jails, clearlocks for factions will not work until this is completed
  • Flint and Steel (possibly) fixed. No, it was never intentional to have it off, it's been bugged.
UnHeardD Lvl3  created a new thread Skyblock problem in the Minecraft & DuncsMC forum
mobilephone2003   published DuncsMC Changelog 21-7-2014 on News
chris2go LVL4  created a new thread SkyBlock Suggestions in the Suggestions forum
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CRaNESilenCe Lvl3  created a new thread Ban Appeal (The one you told me to alter to your res... in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
slippery1panda   created a new thread Ban appeal for slippery1panda in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
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Ironbull77 Lvl3  created a new thread Capture Flags in the Minecraft & DuncsMC forum
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Ironbull77 Lvl3Infernal Dust?
Ironbull77 Lvl3  I am liking this plugin.... :>
Sgt_MelonHead   created a new thread Sgt_MelonHead's ban appeal in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
Sgt_MelonHeadi got banned and i want to be unabanned my ban appeal is in the ban appeal forum.
Ive been waiting for a long time. Please look at it
sonark   The more you ask for your ban appeal to be responded to, the longer it takes.
assassian3 Lvl3  created a new thread Enderperals in the Suggestions forum
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onimoschta Lvl3  created a new thread Jailed for Hardcore-Fishing in the Ban / Jail Appeals forum
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