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DuncsMC Changelog 21-7-2014

mobilephone2003 aOWNER posted Mon at 14:46
Thanks for your continued support!

  • New Spawn, much more open with a creeper obelisk
  • Capture Points! Dotted around the world, these little beauties once captured will give all online faction members 1g per 30 mins each! They look like this:

  • You can send points to each other by clicking the gear icon on that person's profile on the website
  • Bounty system isn't getting the love it deserves, so is removed.
  • Vote Links added, still in testing
  • Bloodmoons were fun, but they aren't working well enough to keep
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joebob699 Lvl3tnt cannons are not working right . dont know if its just me
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mobilephone2003 OWNERGood News: Factions are possibly restored. Bad News: Due to the backup being taken after Factions broke, we'll have to roll back to Yesterday.
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ronaldo74444 Lvl3  I think it rollbacked 2-3 days ago, since I mined 53 diamonds 2-3 days ago and now their all gone
mobilephone2003 OWNER  It may be 2 days for you as it was rolled back technically 38ish hours, my yesterday may be different to yours.
ronaldo74444 Lvl3  Alright man, I luckily didn't lose my Fortune III pick so i can just go on another mining trip, thanks for dealing with the situation the best you could :)
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