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DuncsMC Changelog 25-8-2014

mobilephone2003 aLvl2o
mobilephone2003 @ DuncsMC - Get pe...
posted Mon at 11:25

  • Chat room added. You can see ingame chat when you're not ingame.
  • Donator website awards added, Forum area added to post so we can update you
  • Donator prefix added in-game, small and subtle, no other perks given
  • Slowly reintroducing the Website Points Store
  • L5 now has access to 2 Homes
  • Minor updates to STB, including help on adding a PV Cell to a Solar Panel in the GUI

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macka259 Lvl3Hey guys do you know how to register to use that chat room because i am unsure thank you :)
mobilephone2003 Lvl2  Mail us. You'll need to register with nickserv first. We'll have a guide on the forums soon on how to do that.
macka259 Lvl3  Okay thank you for the help mobile.
djmatt3 Lvl3Abandon Ship!
hanmanlol Lvl3Last night I witnessed a tragic natural forest fire. We lost a biome that night. R.i.p in peace.
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